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I was thinking of you today, when I was practicing piano, and I wanted to say thank you!  Thank you for being my piano teacher, and thank you for being a positive role model!  I have become the designated pianist at the school where I work with intellectually and developmentally disabled young adults.  I accompany all the church services, Christmas plays, choir songs and holiday gatherings.  I've been able to pull out standard classical songs that I prepared for DMTA and recitals, and they come right back!  Thank you so much, for making that possible!

~ Julia K.


          Deborah Hollis became my piano teacher fifty-two years after my last piano lesson, when I was a senior in college.  While I’d played regularly since then, I felt I could enjoy music more, especially since I had begun to play trios with a flautist and a cellist.  I began studying with Deb in September and it has really changed my life.  She’s terrific at diagnosing problems, offering possible solutions, and providing enthusiastic encouragement for my efforts.  Both in my individual lessons and in coaching sessions with our trio, she has inspired my music-making.  I heartily recommend her as a teacher, coach and performer.  Thank you Deb!

~ Nancy T.


Ms. Hollis was my piano teacher for 11+ years--from kindergarten through high school. She helped me grow in so many ways: as a student, as a musician, and as a person.   Ms. Hollis is incredibly talented, caring, supportive, and patient. Throughout my piano career, she encouraged me to expand my comfort zone, by giving me many opportunities to perform and compete. She knew my capabilities, and pushed me to master the most complex music I could, while making sure I enjoyed and understood the music I was playing.  Ms. Hollis provided me with a well-rounded musical education. In my early days, she taught me everything from reading music to proper posture. In my final years as her student, she taught me the histories of my favorite composers, and gave me valuable advice for performing for audiences. As I grew up, Ms. Hollis adapted her teaching style and depth appropriately.  I am so thankful to my parents for supporting my years of piano lessons with Ms. Hollis. She is a kind gem in the world of music education, and I consider myself very fortunate to have been her student.

~ Anna K.

As a life-long music student, I truly appreciate the discipline required if progress is to be made - however, we often lose our way. It is easy to disengage with music when those around you cannot inspire you to learn and express yourself through your instrument. We get bogged down in the minutia of practicing, repeating notes we have played a hundred times before. Working with Deb provides depth to our art in a very significant way - she is flexible, kind and nourishing and her knowledge and experience always helps me to develop the musical subtleties that I wish to express. I have worked with beginner level instructors and college professors alike, and I know that I am blessed to have the chance to work with Deb to become the best artist I can be.

~ Ben P.

I took piano lessons from Deborah Hollis when I was an adult.  She gave me inspiring access to views of art and music, including what it means to be a ~master~ of something.  I learned how to practice.  She was willing for me to try anything; and she was patient with me as I learned ornamentations, scales, chords, some elements of jazz.  It was  a rich and much-cherised 4-year experience, in ways that satisfy me still.  I stopped only because arthritis got the best of my fingers.

~ Sara C.



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